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A blog about everything related to conservation biology, wildlife management and wild animals. I post things I like from the news, interesting videos, research, wildlife photography and personal things.

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Photo @ladzinski / The territorial and strikingly beautiful #LilacBreastedRoller on the hunt in #KrugerNationalPark, South Africa @3stringsproductions @natgeocreative


Animal facts.

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Anonymous asked:

What unpopular opinions do you have?

I’m a very opinionated person and many of my opinions are based on my gut-feeling and not necessarily on facts or science. Having this said, nine out of ten times, I have respect for other peoples opinion and I don’t feel the need to push mine onto somebody else. But I assume you are asking about a conservation-related opinions and you don’t want to hear me going on about how I think that it is ridiculous that some people think same-sex couples shouldn’t raise children. 

Here is an unpopular opinion: I think that euthanizing stray animals is a good way to control the population of stray animals. Also people should spay and neuter there pets, and people should be educated about this problem. But in the mean time, we need to protect wildlife, for example birds from cats. Cats kill more than one billion birds each year, including endangered birds (x). 

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One Fast Cat - Exercise Wheel

I love this!! Great for my future cat when I have my new apartment. Now waiting for international shipping!

Hissssss! An Eastern coachwhip snake at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge. (Photo: Keenan Adams, USFWS) #snakes #usfws #refuge
Decline in wildlife aggravates human conflict – study

Researchers at UC Berkeley have found an alarming correlation between a decline in wildlife and human conflict. As human activity directly threatens animals, their declining numbers introduce drastic changes to our way of life.

The July 24 paper in the journal Science is “about recognizing wildlife decline as a source of social conflict rather than a symptom,” lead author, Justin Brashares of UC Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, explains.


Good advice and a warning too!

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Lion cubs photographed with #beetlecam